What is Laser Projection, and why should I use it at my next event?

It's Got Laserbeams!!!!

Ladies an gentlemen... it's here.  Laser technology has finally permeated throughout the projection technology spectrum.  Sounds complicated right?  It's really not.  What I'm saying is laser technology is finally cheap enough to offer in most projection price ranges thereby giving companies like AVEX lots of good options to choose from.

What is Laser Projection?

To understand laser projection at its core, one may feel they need to be a scientist.  However, that isn't necessarily the case.  Here is an EXTREMELY simplified explanation.  Essentially, laser light is replacing the standard "bulb" light engine that has powered most projectors since their inception.  

A projector, simplified, is just a complicated hand puppet where light shines through a "filter" of some sort and is shaped.  The filter acts much like a stencil does: shaping, and in this case, coloring the light.  The magic of the projector is that the stencil moves!  The shaped light then passes through a lens and is focused on a wall. Simply put, "science" found a way to turn the flashlight into a laser beam!

Here is a cool illustration of what I mean.


That's great... What does this mean for me?

Laser projectors typically have a longer life span than a traditional projector because the lamp doesn't burn out as fast and they require less maintenance.  They also run quieter because laser beams don't produce the same heat that a traditional lamp would and therefore don't require as large (loud) of a fan to cool them down.  They also don't contain the mercury found in most other projection lamps.

The tradeoff here can make a difference at your next event.  The laser projector may very well be quieter, but it's also a bit bigger in comparison to a similarly powered traditional projector.  This difference varies depending on the projector model and brightness level.

Another very cool benefit of laser projection systems is that, because of their makeup,  they turn ON and OFF much quicker than normal projectors.  Say someone kicks the power cord out of the wall during your presentation.  First of, not cool man...  But not to worry, plug it back in and turn it on and your up and running in seconds compared to minutes with a traditional unit.

The final benefit is color accuracy.  Because traditional projection lamps fade over a shorter period of time, color accuracy will suffer sooner and more drastically from unit to unit.  Say a typical Projector last 2,000 hours and a laser projector last over 20,000.  That's 10 times more usage before the light source starts to degrade to the point where it needs to be replaced.  This means a laser projector holds up longer and displays more accurate color longer than a traditional unit.

Benefits of Laser Projection:

  • Longer "Lamp" Life (20,000 hours or more)

  • Lower Heat

  • Less Noise

  • Greater Color Accuracy (Stability)

  • Instant On and OFF

  • No Mercury

  • Energy Efficient

Introducing the Eiki 621W Laser Projector

Our good pals over at Eiki International designed a medium brightness projector that seems to fit our needs well.  With 6,500 lumens of light output, swappable lensing system, and robust construction and design, this unit will produce beautiful images while holding up to the abuse of every day production use.  


What else?

Honestly, the best part about this whole thing is the fact that we can now say AVEX is armed with laser beams.  Pew Pew!  

At the end of the day, we're excited to get the units out into the field and start using them on productions. As always, if you have questions about pricing or availability, give us a call!  A sales rep can help answer any questions you might have.