Custom Scenic Design at AVEX!

Introducing AVEX's Wood Slat Backdrop!

We have designed and created a new scenic element to fit the aesthetic we couldn’t find elsewhere!

It comes in modular sections so it can be sized for your event. Both sides are pretty so you can make a herring bone pattern or keep them all facing the same direction. The grey stain of the wood allows for a wide range of colors to be used while still giving you the natural effect that is popular in today's interior and event design. 

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In House Design

Our team really enjoyed getting creative with this project and are proud to offer this unique scenic element. The design process started with a group meeting in our conference room. We gathered some images of things we liked focusing on re-usable and modular designs.  We picked our 3 favorite designs and chose the wood slat backdrop as the first design to send to production. Next, we used 3D CAD drafting software to design and measure materials as well as visualize the backdrop in a virtual space.  Finally, we sent those designs to our production team, purchased materials and, voila! A backdrop was born!

The rendering and concept.

The rendering and concept.


This backdrop isn't just easy to assemble, it's also easy to configure.  Sections come in 4' lengths so you can get the right height for your project.  Custom, top and bottom pieces allow the backdrop to run floor to ceiling.  Here are the sections used to create the design you need. It can be used in many different ways for corporate events, weddings, artistic endeavors, backdrops, room divides, stage frames, columns, light it up, leave it dark, whatever you want! 



"Hard" scenic elements like this are frequently single use installations that end up in a dumpster after your event.  In an effort to reduce our waste, we worked hard to design something that can be easily assembled, dis-assembled, and transported to its next location for use.  The portability and re-usability of this product mean we can keep prices lower for our customers while still providing a truly unique effect.  


More photos of the backdrop in action!

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Photos of Customer Design Summit by Lauren B. Photography.

Available Now!

We're always looking for ways to get creative and "build" (no pun intended) a stronger relationship with our customers.  Click below to learn more about pricing and how your event can benefit from a cool and unique rent-able backdrop.  Also, check back for more custom scenic options in the future! 

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