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Welcome to AVEX!

You have found the company that has one singular focus - Your Message!  

We provide a wide range of audio visual services and products to help you communicate; from facilitating the simplest communication to complete global reach.

From the initial idea and desire to communicate to the eyes and ears of your target audience to the final cue, AVEX is your team.  We are headquartered in the Minneapolis, MN area and regularly service Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. Additionally, in 2013 AVEX opened a branch office in North Carolina. That branch is located in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro area and services the region. We also work nationally and travel frequently for clients that want the best service available.

We can support the entire process:

  • AVEX will concept and create your message with our GoProduction Division.  We record audio and video, create graphics and animation, develop PowerPoint, manage talent, and more. 
  • AVEX will provide you with multiple mediums through which to convey your message.  We can Rent Equipment to you, provide complete Event Production services, and stream your message to one or thousands of people via our GoPortal Division - and any combination of these.  Plus, we have the Technical Support Staff to make sure it all works as planned! 
  • AVEX will staff your Hotel or Corporate campus via our Property Liaisons service.  We have a phenomenal program that is proven to advance service reduce cost, and increase revenue!  
  • AVEX will work with you to produce and deliver branded communications on a subscription basis to save you money, provide detailed ROI data, and ensure continuity to your message via our EliteCom program.   
  • AVEX will provide you with permanently Installed audio visual products for your conference space or sell you the right Product to meet your application.  

We ensure your message is delivered!  Contact us and we’ll make it happen!